Get Up & Go!

Promoting physical activity because being ACTIVE is important for your everyday life!

What is considered  sedentary behavior?

Sedentary behavior refers to activities that don't allow the body to move often, including, sitting at a desk all day, lying down for long periods of time (which doesn't include sleeping) and playing video games for long periods of time. 

Ways to get active

When you live a sedentary lifestyle, there are numerous ways to stay active. You can do chores from home, for example, instead of waiting for them to pile up. You could also try your hand at gardening. From work, you can try standing up at regular intervals, such as setting a timeout to stand up every 30 minutes. You could also change up your workstation by creating standing workstations.

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Check out this video created by one of our team members, Sabrina Moreira. She briefly explains what sedentary behavior is and how we can make the transition to a more active lifestyle every day.